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Registered Company: general construction company, a sizable staff.

Advantages: In case of emergency, the health care staff, the site administrator can scan the QR gets its data to help direct and re-direct. Even in other site staff available to other contractors Most people have a smart phone scanning QR. Card identification number - Adhesives Card Access - stripe need to use our site, we have provided the project

The information









Name : Mutti Aramugam
Age : 35
Company :ABC Construction P/L
Office : 6565 6666
Supervisor : 9119-9119
Blood Group : A+
Allergy : Panadol




How the QR can help you

How the QR can help you

Who needs to consider how the QR can help you.

As we understand that QR code is embedded with the information you want the public to scan and collect more information about you, your company, profile, a location map, a short message, a discount voucher and more Valuable information ie product information ….information, information etc... the list can go on and on. •