With QR code we are able

With QR code we are able to retrieve individual information of any particular personnel.



1.Name / Nationality

2.Company /  Work permit or contract

3.Contact numbers 1.Next of kin 2.Company

4.Bio Data

5.Health info 1.Blood Group 2.Allergies

6.Sensitive Information (password required security)

Work Permits in Singapore

Work Permits in Singapore....

In Singapore, the work permit process is managed by the Ministry of Manpower. There are several kinds of work permit, and the type awarded generally depends on the salary range of the job. The "R Pass," or "Work Permit," is for foreigners who make less than $1,800/month. To employ a work permit holder, the employers are subjected to work permit conditions and the employment of foreign manpower act.

The information









Name : Mutti Aramugam
Age : 35
Company :ABC Construction P/L
Office : 6565 6666
Supervisor : 9119-9119
Blood Group : A+
Allergy : Panadol




Avoid the Confusion

Avoid the Confusion

In a construction site, there are sometime hundred of people of different company working together,  if information like Name, company name, contact number, health record can be readily available a lot of confusion can be avoided.

With the aid of QR codes, individual data can be retrieve immediately to assist any authority or paramedics.